Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Was A Much Better Mom Before I Actually Became One

You know how it is. You’re at the grocery store and you hear kids screaming from three aisles over. You think, “Why doesn’t that Mom do something about that?”

And then somehow you find yourself in the middle of the grocery store and realize you’re the one with the screaming kid. You suddenly have empathy for every Mom who has endured a tantrum in the check-out line or a full-on fit in the middle of the mall.

When I started seeing commercials for the “place and bake” cookies a few years ago, I thought, “Seriously? Is it that hard to make cookies? Give me a break. I will teach my kids how to make real cookies. None of that pre-made stuff will ever taint my cookie pans.”

And then you have a kid.

After you become a Mom, you have an entirely different perspective on things. Some of the things you thought were important are not. And some things you never thought of become the most important things in the world. You want to seize every opportunity for happiness and do your best to wade through the hard times with a smile on your face, teaching valuable life lessons as you go.

But sometimes you have to face facts that not everything is about teaching a life lesson. Some things are about fun. And sugar.

And yeah, you still make stuff from scratch. But sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth. You find yourself standing in the refrigerated section of the store thinking, “Those bunny cookies are cute. They’d be easy, and the kid(s) would love them, too.”

Then you buy and bake the cookies and wonder what the big deal is. They’re actually not that bad.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be following you too. 2 year olds are so fun. Pretty soon you can have an assistant baker and do homemade...my Charley (now 5) grew up standing and helping me and he loves to bake now. Start with the muffin mixes where you just add water...and go from there. I found that baking was something we could do when one or both of us was crabby..it gave me something "adult" to do and he loved the attention he got with me.

  2. Remember, life comes in seasons. It's a little easier for a 9 year old to make cookies from scratch than it is for a 2 year old to help you - when all they are saying is "I do it myself!" What's even better is when they are 12 and you can make them clean up the kitchen when they are done. Bring back memories??

  3. My parents always told me that they were the best parents in the world until they had kids. I completely understand them now!