Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It’s Wednesday, Ya’ll

I know I totally neglected you (and the entire Internet) yesterday. But it was my one chance this week to spend the entire day at home with my boy and clean and play outside and clean and play outside some more. So that’s what we did. It was marvelous.

Now back to the real world. Today Caedmon has an eye doctor appointment. This will be his 3rd. Because his Port Wine Stain is on his face, we have to watch to make sure it doesn’t cause problems with his left eye. So we saw the eye doc just a few weeks after he was born, and annually since. (It hasn’t affected his eye, by the way.) It’s pretty interesting to find out exactly what’s going on with his eyes (finding out from an eye doctor when they are the “real color” they’re going to be for life and how that happens was neat). Caedmon is a bit farsighted so far (which is normal for babies and little kids). If genetics has anything to do with it, however, he will be terribly nearsighted when he gets older.

Poor thing. Between his Daddy and me, he’s going to need glasses, hearing aids, and probably dentures at some point. If, that is, allergies don’t kill him first.

Oh, the things we get to pass along to our children.

So now I’m getting to recap the rest of our Easter weekend. Nana and Poppy (Husband’s parents) came to visit on Thursday/Friday. It was nice to get to see them, and Caedmon had a blast. Nana and Poppy got Caedmon an Easter Surprise…a set of golf clubs and a kickball. And? The boy loves them both. He’s a great little kicker. But I’m pretty sure his golf-playing style is going to closely resemble Happy Gilmore’s.

Every single photo I have of Caedmon learning to use his new golf set is extremely blurry. Here’s the best I can do. (See? Happy Gilmore stance.)


Searching for a lost ball. (He’s actually somewhat still in this one.)


On Friday, we went to the playground and park. It didn’t last long because of the gale force winds, but we had fun while we were there.



Oh, that’s not all we did. More tomorrow!

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