Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter In Photos

I hope ya’ll had a Happy Easter. We did. I’ll have to recap the whole weekend later, but here are a few pictures of our Easter Sunday.

Caedmon and me before church.


The fam self-portrait in the broadcast studio. (I had not planned on us coordinating. Caedmon’s outfit was the only one I put a lot of thought into. Husband and I just pulled something out of the closet. And since we did so separately without knowing what the other was wearing, I think we did pretty well.)


Caedmon, waiting for Daddy to hide eggs. He didn’t really understand the “hide then find” thing. He thought Daddy was having all the fun without him.


Finding eggs!


Caedmon’s method of hunting eggs entailed finding an egg, immediately opening it, then dumping the candy in the bucket before moving on to find more.


Um, yes, we are aware that the grass weeds are a little tall. Don’t judge.


I love how he carries his bucket. He’d use the handle when it was empty. Oz was helping locate eggs.


The Basket! Caedmon got his basket after we hunted eggs. We sometimes have to rearrange the way we do things on Sundays because of our schedule. But that’s ok – he had more time to play with his stuff. The favorite items were bubbles and the bunny that poops jelly beans. Although I’m sure he’ll get a lot of mileage out of the sidewalk chalk and water guns. Separately, of course.


His first time to bite the ears off a chocolate bunny. Yum!


We tried for a nap, but that didn’t really happen. Then we went to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate Easter with the family. Caedmon had a blast playing with the “big kids.”


And of course, he loved playing with Uncle HLB.


Mom made us all hunt eggs, so out we went. There was only one knock-down, drag-out fight over an egg, between Curly and Squirt. It was great. Caedmon helped Uncle HLB hunt eggs, then eat the candy.


Husband wasn’t the one who found the egg with the $20 in it, but he did find this beauty.


(In case you can’t tell, that’s a giant egg stuffed with Smarties, wrapped in clear packing tape.)

(At least he didn’t get ones with raisins or mustard in them. Yeah, I know. My family’s weird.)

We had to pause for a few moments in the midst of the fun. No nap + lots of candy + no dinner = tummyache. He was fine after a few minutes and went back into the fray.


We had a great Easter, and enjoyed seeing our family and eating lots of candy. But the most important thing is the reason for Easter. If you aren’t enjoying that, you’re missing the best part.

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  1. This is the first time I've seen a pix of your husband. I hadn't put you two together yet. Glad to know.