Monday, March 01, 2010

Repression Can Be Healthy, Right?

I don’t even know where to begin with our weekend. So I think I’ll just make a few observations.

1. I am thankful for people who love us and help take care of us.

2. Knowing everybody is ok is priceless, even though it actually does have a price tag. A big one, sometimes.

3. A boy who asks to go somewhere every day actually can go too many places and ask, nay, beg to stay home.

4. Keep a little boy off his schedule long enough (2 days, apparently), and it’s like he never had one to begin with.

5. If one is bored enough, Curling can actually be interesting. Shocking, I know.

6. If you have an exhausting weekend, it's almost a guarantee your child will come down with a fever on Sunday afternoon.

7. Don’t forget that tomorrow is Photo Album Rejects day! I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos! Go here for an explanation and rules on participation.

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