Saturday, January 01, 2005

Photo Album Rejects

Photo Album Rejects Button 1. What is Photo Album Rejects? Photo Album Rejects is a blog carnival that allows everyone to showcase pictures that didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Ones you are probably not going to proudly display in your photo album. Or that you secretly love for some strange reason but no one else appreciates. You know the ones: Red, demon eyes. Mouth full of food. A facial expression that could only be explained if some sort of illness were involved.

But those 2nd rate photos don’t usually make it to the blog, much less the rest of the internet, because we’re caught up in presenting ourselves in the best way possible instead of what sometimes is the real way. Sometimes our bad pictures are more true to real life. And that’s what we’re all about here. Real.

Occasionally we might have a theme (think school pictures…shudder), but the majority of the time I want everyone to be free to post a reject photo of their choice. You can add a story or description if you feel it’s necessary. But let’s face it, some of our snapshots are self explanatory.

2. How do I know if I can participate? Do you have any crappy photos? Yes? You’re in!

3. I will have my Photo Album Rejects post ready to go by 12:01am on the 2nd of each month, sometimes a few hours earlier. The post will have a “MckLinky” at the bottom where you can add your links.

4. Please only post a link in the “MckLinky” if you’ve written a Photo Album Rejects post. Please mention Photo Album Rejects in your post and link back to my master list here. Empty links or links that do not relate to Photo Album Rejects will be deleted. Don’t make me delete you.

5. Link to your Photo Album Rejects post, not your main page. It makes life much easier for everyone and guarantees that everybody gets to see your horrid pictures. Because the list lives on. To learn how to post a permalink, go here.

6. When you post your link on “MckLinky”, write your blog’s name and a brief description of the photo. Like this:

Mary (Family photo)


Frances (Bad hair day)

Got it? This will help everyone know what they’re getting into before they head to your site. But please keep it brief. There’s a 50 character maximum.

7. Please do not host your own Photo Album Rejects “MckLinky” at your site. It’s mine, all mine! Mwa-ha-ha. No, really. It will complicate life. And nobody needs that. But feel free to use the Photo Album Rejects graphic or add the button on your blog.

8. If you have trouble, check your blog’s FAQ or Help page. I can’t provide tech support for everyone, but if you have any issues you can’t figure out, feel free to email me. I’ll help as much as I can.

9. When you enter your link on “MckLinky,” you may see “delete link” next to your name. It’s supposed to be there. If you goof (and we all do sometimes), just delete your link and try again. No one else will be able to see that option for your link, just like you can’t see the option to delete anyone else’s link.

10. Do not post any photos that are not family friendly. Any links I deem to be inappropriate will be deleted. Again, please don’t make me delete you.

I know this is a lot of information. But thanks for sticking with it and I can’t wait to see everyone’s Photo Album Rejects!

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