Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing Works Today

I am in the midst of probably the busiest week we’ve had in a long time. My poor child will spend as much time at the church nursery as he will at home during waking hours this week. That’s not a terrible thing, because our church’s nursery is great and Caedmon enjoys his friends.

But when you take a scheduled child and throw him into a non-schedule, things tend to get a bit bumpy.

For instance: yesterday we had something to go to at our church’s other campus. Different nursery. Everything was ok though, because Caedmon’s buddies Addis and Parker were there. Then, instead of coming home and taking a nap like we usually do, we went to Mom & Dad’s to visit my grandfather who was in from out of town.

No nap. But hey, all was well. The boy was thoroughly enjoying playing with Legos and dragging Uncle NLB all over the place. Oh, and watching the runaway cow wander around the yard while Papa Duke and Squirt jumped on their horses to take said cow back to her home. Apparently she was too good for it.

And then, the boy fell asleep on the way home, an extremely rare occurrence. He just doesn’t sleep in the car, so I knew he was worn out. I put him down in his bed when we got home, and he got almost a full nap. But it was from 4:40-6:30pm. It’s never a good thing when he naps that late in the afternoon. I should’ve just woken him up when we got home. It probably would’ve been better for all of us.

After Caedmon woke up from his late nap, anything his Daddy said or did was w.r.o.n.g. Poor Husband. He couldn’t win for losing. I decided not to press the dinner issue and let Caedmon have a chocolate Boost shake, a banana, and a chocolate chip cookie for dinner.

I know. Mom of the year. But one more meltdown I could not take. It was starting to look like Chernobyl around here.

Brandon and Jill came over so the guys could try their hand at dyeing their discs for disc golf. They did a pretty good job for their first time with a delicate art project like that. Although, Husband’s disc now has a Punisher skull on it, so it’s not exactly the rainbows and kittens I would’ve chosen. To each his own, I suppose.

Caedmon got to stay up for a while and I put him to bed around 8pm. He was tired. But did he go to sleep? Not in my wildest dreams. And there were a few times I thought I might have been dreaming, for I was also exhausted from the day and the allergies weren’t helping any.

The boy fell asleep just after 9pm. After, that is, randomly yelling different things at me, including, “Momma, I need my George!” Curious George was retrieved from the car and taken to him. If I didn’t do it then, he’d just end up yelling at me at 4:30am. And a trip to the car to find George was more pleasant at 8:30pm than it would’ve been at 4:30am.

And this morning, Caedmon was awake bright and early. Before 7am. We’ve also had about 72 meltdowns this morning, possibly a new record for tantrums before 8:30am. He’s currently stark naked, playing around in the bathroom. It started as a potty trip that has gone completely awry. But since I’m still sitting here in my bathrobe, I suppose I am in no position to judge.

Perhaps I should go make him put some clothes on. Wish me luck.

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