Thursday, March 04, 2010

Go On Another Great Date!

The Great Date Experiment #2 is up and ready! Go grab it and go on a date with your sweetheart over the next couple of weeks. (It's on the right under Resources & Downloads.)

If you missed the first one, don't worry. It's still there. Just start with it and catch up!

We are going on our GDE#2 soon. I have no idea what the night will be like because I had Husband print out the instructions. I am too tempted to cheat and look ahead if I have them anywhere near me!

Maybe next time I'll remember to take my camera and we won't be left with this.

(And on a side, completely unrelated note: yes, I realize I am totally slacking this week. Thanks for noticing. I have no excuse other than last weekend's craziness still has me worn out mentally and physically, Caedmon being sick, me still dealing with a cold, and...see? No excuses. None at all. I'll do better next week. I'll have no excuses then, either.) Pin It

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