Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Double-Sheet Your Kid’s Bed

No, not short-sheeting, something we Baptist kids did at summer camp and thought we were living on the edge.

We’ve all been there, at least if you have kids. At some point, at the most inconvenient time possible (like in the middle of the night or you’re home alone and there’s no one available to help), there will be um, a mess, in your kid’s bed. Whether it’s from above or below, it’s gross and must be dealt with swiftly. Also, it’s usually on the kid, so that adds to the urgency.

I’ve been there a time or two. And no, I’m not bitter about it. Because I love being jerked from a deep slumber to deal with a bodily fluid emergency in the dark. It’s in the job description – the fine print always gets you. But I digress.

The easiest way to clean the bed is to be prepared. And the best way I found to prepare is to double-sheet the bed.

Most crib mattress covers are waterproof. And most of the time, you end up with more than one mattress cover (which, in my opinion, is a must). So, just put on a mattress cover and a crib sheet. Then on top of that, put on another mattress cover and a crib sheet. (The two sheets I have on Caedmon’s bed right now are the same color. I wasn’t about to change them for a photo shoot. Changing sheets unnecessarily brings bad things.)DSC09200When you have an accident or a mess, just peel off the top layer of bed clothes, giving you a clean, already made-up bed for the little one as soon as they’ve been cleaned up.

For the bumpers, I can’t help you there. More than once I had to strip those things out of the covers and wash. It was not fun. We finally switched to a mesh bumper and it can just be tossed into the washer.

I plan to do the same thing when Caedmon moves to a “big boy bed.” I know accidents are fewer as your kids get older, but it’s just not worth having to completely re-make a bed in the middle of the night (after you’ve found all the necessary items). And twin size mattresses aren’t usually covered in plastic like a crib mattress.

Also, another tip? Pick the crib mattress up out of the bed when you’re putting the sheets on. It can be tricky with big bumpers and sounds weird, but it makes getting those sheets on so much easier!DSC09189

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  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I do this! On the crib, I have two layers of The Ultimate Crib Sheet, which snaps onto the side of the crib instead of tucking around the mattress. Very quick and easy for a mid-night clean up.

    Convenient for sheet cleaning day, too. If I don't quite manage to get the top layer of sheets back on the bed from the laundry, the bed is still made.

  2. My mom managed to buy a twin sheet that was plastic when my brother moved from his crib to a real bed. She pretty much the same thing that you did. she put a sheet, then the plastic sheet, then another sheet. I think her thought process was, "if he's already gone once tonight he won't go again!" Just a thought. :)

  3. Great idea! I think I will use this for our new baby, making the beds are never done in a timely manner anymore. And the last thing I want to do is unmake the crib and have a baby who is ready to sleep and walk in to find I never made the crib back up. (It's already happened with only two kids)