Monday, February 15, 2010

If Putting Your Pajamas On At 5:45pm Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

It’s Sunday night. I’m tired. And instead of crawling in the bed and fighting Husband over the remote to watch Olympic figure skating or his choice (anything else), here I am trying to put words together to form complete sentences.

(I don’t know how it happens, but I always end up more tired at the end of a weekend than at the beginning.)

Maybe it’s because our weekend officially begins on Thursday night most of the time. Husband is usually off on Fridays, so we get to take advantage of having him home two full days since Sunday is a workday for him.

So, on Friday we did…not much of anything. I had originally scheduled haircuts for Husband, Caedmon and me (the same guy cuts our hair), but he called and said he had some scheduling issues and could only do the boys or me, but not all three. Being the wonderful guy he is, Husband let me have the hair appointment and kept Caedmon while I went. By myself. To get my hair done. I don’t know if it’s a sad thing that I was excited about that, so if it is, don’t tell me.

Saturday, my guys let me sleep in. Glorious! I was awakened by Caedmon running into the bedroom yelling, “Pesent! Momma, pesent!” We celebrated Valentine’s Day a bit early, and Caedmon gleefully presented me with my cards and gift. He also helped me open everything because it was all. just. too. exciting. Here’s what they got me. DSC09010 (We are music lovers in this household, in case you weren’t already aware.)

Later I found out Caedmon had already consumed two chocolate covered donuts, and that was probably the source of the glee.

I know Jennifer talks about Rick’s Bakery all the time, and let me tell you: there’s good reason for it. Husband brought me a red velvet cupcake and a black forest cupcake. I had the red velvet for breakfast, of course. And oh. my. word. It was like holding heaven in my hand. DSC09021

This was part of Husband’s Valentine’s gift. He enjoys this movie. (And that’s all I will say at this time about a movie where dry land is believed to be a myth and men who chain-smoke somehow manage to have not died of lung cancer or blow themselves up in their floating gas tank.)DSC09023And this, which I will have to figure out how to play. Anyone interested in a game night?  DSC09027

Yes, Caedmon got a Valentine’s gift, but there’s no photo. I bought him a giant package of Pez to refill his favorite new sugar high. I did, however, wait until after naptime to present it to him. Momma didn’t raise no fool. Besides, I had to give the donuts time to wear off.

Caedmon went to Mom & Dad’s while Husband and I went on our Valentine’s date. We participated in The Great Date Experiment, and it was a lot of fun. More on that tomorrow.

Sunday was…Sunday! Busy, but good. And we got to see some friends who were back visiting from out of state. Then it was home, frozen pizza for dinner, a little Food Network, a little Olympics, some laundry and general house stuff.

I may or may not have gone ahead and put my pajamas on as soon as we got home, which also may or may not have been before 6pm. See? Tired. I wouldn’t mind it so much except that it makes me look forward to Monday. And that just doesn’t seem right at all.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Anything to do with Rick's is heavenly. We should try that new game out soon - looks fun! There is NOTHING worng with pj's before 6pm....I LOVE IT!

  2. I had Rick's for breakfast on Saturday, too! It's good stuff!

    Sounds like y'all had a great weekend!

    I have my pajamas on ny 6 most nights. Don't judge. It's amazing. :)

  3. Scrabble slam is SO fun! We will play it for hours. Glad it was a good weekend :)