Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Great Date Experiment, #1

(Caedmon was up at 3:45 this morning for no apparent reason, and played happily in his bed until I got him up at 7:30am. There was no nap today, either, for the boy was WIRED. I just thought I was tired yesterday. Thus, this post will be neither funny nor flowery.)

(That’s right. I’m blaming my child. He’ll get to blame me for plenty when he grows up.)

Husband and I had fun with our first Great Date Experiment. We decided to go out on Saturday because Sunday was just not going to work for us.

We dropped Caedmon off with Mom and NLB and headed out for a lunch date.

My printer was out of ink, so we couldn’t print off the instructions. So we used Husband’s iPhone to view the PDF. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

On the way to our first destination, we were told to kiss at each red light until it turned green or until someone honked. We probably spent more time laughing than anything else. And once, we were at a stoplight where there was no one behind us. Which meant we ended up being left behind and just sitting in the street when the light changed! Of course, that caused more laughing.

Here we are, at the restaurant. (You were supposed to take a photo at each place with the exclamation point for that location.)027 At the restaurant (one of my favorite places ever), we were supposed to ask the server for their recommendation within our price range, then take it. So we did. Husband and I laughed though, because our server’s suggestions were exactly the same things we always order. I guess we have good taste. 

Our next task was to go somewhere and talk thru a list of things. We are fast talkers, so that didn’t take long. And it was freezing outside, so that’s why all the photos are in the car. 029 Self-portraits with phones are outstanding, aren’t they?

What we were supposed to do for dessert was go to a grocery store, and with 10 minutes and $2, choose something for the other person they’ve never had before. We decided to go to a big gas station to make it a bit more challenging.

I could think of nothing Husband hadn’t had, but I tried. He did too. Here’s what we bought for each other.031 He bought me a Choco Taco and I got him Burnt Peanuts. (I used to love those as a kid!) I know, not exactly a dessert item, but it was the only thing I didn’t know for sure he’d eaten before! I was full from lunch and couldn’t finish the Choco Taco. Such a sad state when you can’t finish something that has “choco” in the name.

We went to pick Caedmon up, and he and NLB had made a royal mess with Legos (not Lay-goes). Apparently they had built and demolished several things. Boys.

Our Great Date Experiment was fun. It was refreshing to have things to talk about, yet not have to be the one to come up with a fun topic. I’m really looking forward to the next one, the first week of March. If you haven’t had a chance yet, go check it out and just go do it!

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