Thursday, January 28, 2010

We’re All Set

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  1. hopefully the power doesn't go out. Or I guess you could grill them.
    Personally, I can eat them cold.

  2. We'll likely eat them cold anyway. I don't think I knew they were supposed to be heated until I was about 12. And by then I'd developed a taste for them cold.

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  4. nineranch@cox.net8:26 AM

    Warm? pop tarts? You are supposed to heat them up?
    Not when you have 7 kids in the house. You eat them cold.
    Eating hot poptarts leads to all kinds of problems. Who gets the toaster first. Burned tongues. Lengthens the time from start of breakfast to finish. What else gets put in the toaster - my greatest fear.
    Eating warmed poptarts is just a symptom of a much larger issue - a whole generation of "soft" kids who can't take it in the real world. LOL
    And, yes, the "baby" at our house eats her poptarts right from the toaster.