Thursday, December 03, 2009

Is It Really Only Thursday?

Husband has been on vacation this week, so the whole getting-back-to-normal-after-a-holiday hasn’t quite happened for us yet. It’s been fun having him at home, it just throws me off my game a bit.

So if my posts this week are pretty boring, feel free to blame him.

Just kidding.

(Not really.)

Yesterday we made a Target run for diapers (Sorry, Walmart. When you start matching Target’s gift card deal, I’ll buy my diapers there again.) Anyway, we ended up going home with two boxes of diapers (a $5 gift card), and a couple packages of Pillsbury place-and-bake Christmas tree cookies.

Apparently I am a sucker for the sweets when we’re on “vacation.”

So we came home and Caedmon “baked” his “took-ees.” Of course, there are pictures. Lots of them. Between Husband and me, we documented the entire process. Except the hand washing that took place beforehand. I promise there was hand washing.DSC07084DSC07089 DSC07101DSC07118And of course there was one he tried to take a bite out of. (I actually baked it, but kept it secluded in a corner. No sense in wasting a perfectly good cookie.)DSC07126DSC07127How long till they’re done? DSC07130Yay! It’s almost time! DSC07134You’ll notice that the taste-tested cookie is in the bottom corner.DSC07137  Mmmm…finally!  DSC07147

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  1. MMMM...those look good. Wish I had about 3 of them right now!