Monday, November 23, 2009

Because There Aren’t Enough Words

There’s no way I could find enough words to describe everything that went on the last half of last week and the weekend. So here it is, in pictures.

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars:DSC06831A bit of treadmillin’: DSC06835The boy’s tree went up (was unwrapped and plugged in): DSC06837 Caedmon had been playing with his shopping cart. I found all the “groceries” in the living room floor and wondered what he was pushing around; his nite-nite. So sweet!DSC06839A little “nake-t” Christmas tree decorating:DSC06853 DSC06861And this is what happens when you mix Rotavirus and a 6am wake-up time on a Saturday. DSC06882Caedmon had asked to spend his roomtime reading books in bed. After he’d been in there about 15 minutes, I realized he had a dirty diaper. How? I could smell it when I walked through the living room. Yep. Rotavirus is pretty potent. Anyway, I went in to change him and found him asleep. I wrestled with letting him sleep and waking him to change his diaper. After about 45 minutes, the smell had started to permeate through the entire house. I had to wake him up and change him. And that 45 minute nap? Yeah, that was all he slept that day. Bedtime came a bit early.

Caedmon discovered this:DSC06888Which resulted in a lot of this: DSC06886All in all, it was a good week/weekend. I’ll show pictures of my Christmas decor on Dec 14 here:

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester
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  1. poor little guy- hate that he was sick. That's funny that he loves Toy Story...that was the 1st movie we took Austin to see when he was about 2...and we had to leave the theater because he was scared of Sid!! His favorite movie to watch over and over was Fox & the Hound.