Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Are Not Alone…

It’s a bit creepy that when I wrote the above title, I instantly could hear MJ’s song in my head. Great. Now I’m gonna be singing that all day long.

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I am not alone in this struggle we call motherhood. It was great to hear from some moms who are right there with me and some who have lived to tell the tale (and so have their kids). And after reading some of your advice, Caedmon may indeed be five before we switch to that toddler bed. (His crib is a convertible, so we’d have to ditch it all together, though Mandy’s idea of having the pack & play handy is a great one.)

My grand scheme had been to start removing/cutting/whatever the paci this week. But since Caedmon has been sleeping poorly (i.e. waking up every morning between 3:15 and 3:45 very unhappy and sometimes staying up for a while), I have decided that is for another day. And if we end up going out of town for Thanksgiving, I want to be way past having given up the paci thing. So I may just drop several in his bed, then hide and wait until after Thanksgiving to think about it again. How’s that for good mothering and procrastination?

On a side note, I took Caedmon (and myself) to our chiropractor on Monday. (Let me just say, that man is a blessing to my life…and my neck and back.) Husband and I moved furniture this past weekend, so I was in pretty rough shape with my neck and a rib bothering me. Anyway, he adjusted us both and said he was pretty certain that Caedmon’s neck had been causing him some pain. As I write, I am praying that adjustment is what Caedmon needs to sleep better. Because Momma is so over this getting up in the middle of the night every night thing. We ditched that a long time ago.

Some of my other plans were derailed by the nice weather yesterday. Not only was it nice to see the sun again, but it was wonderful to not have to bundle up to go outside. In October. It’s not supposed to be that cold yet, ya’ll.

Instead of balancing my checkbook like I should’ve, I spent some time outside trimming our ivy that has plans for world domination and the tree that threatens to scratch the paint on the Xterra every time I pull into the garage. It was great to be out in the sunshine for a little while. And I think our little solar powered dog enjoyed his day as well, since he spent 99% of his time outside. Oh, and the boy? Yeah, he enjoyed some time outside too. But he felt it was warm enough to swim and kept asking to get the pool out. Seriously? It’s not even warm enough for me to get in the water when it’s 80, nevermind mid-60’s. Nice try, son.

Pictures of the living room makeover we did this past weekend are coming soon. But in order to post the pictures, I’d have to actually finish the makeover. As in finishing the coffee table (which you will get to see tomorrow) and moving all the stuff on the walls since nothing is in the right place anymore. And then patch all the holes, do my homework, slop the hogs, wash the car…. I’d better get myself busy! 

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