Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Because I Am Completely Neglectful

With all the vacationing and such I have been totally remiss lately in posting pictures of my sweet boy. I will remedy that today. So get ready to see some cuteness. And so things will be “proper”, the captions will be under the photos this time.DSC05802He’s the king of the world! His new favorite thing – climbing up on something and jumping off. Thankfully, right now he wants to hold someone’s hand, but it won’t always be so. Lord, please let it always be something short he’s jumping off!

  DSC05827Here’s my boys resting together, watching TV.DSC05850We went to our first friend birthday party. Brody was turning one! Caedmon and Zachary enjoyed their lunch.DSC05863The boys loved the bounce house. Caedmon was jumping all over the place, and was pretty upset when it was time to deflate it.

DSC05897In true Curious George style, we created an instrument with rubber bands. He loves it.

DSC05890Caedmon is very serious about his art these days.

And? That is all.

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