Thursday, September 03, 2009

More 2nd Birthday

I found a real live Curious George balloon at the party store and decided it was a must-have. DSC04416And what you’ve all been waiting for…. Presenting the “Inquisitive Jorge” Cake! It’s not exactly how I imagined it, but seeing that I’m not the one with the frosting skillz, I can’t really knock it.DSC04428 We got a cupcake just for C with matching balloons on top.DSC04439We had to wake C up from his nap. He is usually up by that time of the afternoon, but he was out cold. So he was a little hazy for a while. He wasn’t quite sure what to think about the balloons. (He got over that pretty quickly. He’s still dragging that Curious George balloon around the house, tied to a wooden cow to keep it from floating away.)DSC04450Saying that he was not enthused about the cupcake would be an understatement. C got some great gifts, including a ball from Aunt Trump and Uncle Grade A. He loves it, despite the unimpressed look on his face.DSC04441And a nice John Deere combine from Aunt Curly and Uncle Deputy Guy. (He didn’t care for everyone watching him.) DSC04465But the farmer instantly went into his mouth, so I’m guessing he liked it. DSC04473And the present from Nana and Poppy was a pool. Too bad it was almost too cold to enjoy it! (The ball went too, of course.) DSC04481 And of course, a shot of my big 2 year-old in his birthday shirt. Husband designed it and I made it.DSC04515And the back, just in case there are any questions.DSC04404

So, there’s the birthday. It was fun. Let’s do it again next year.

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