Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Because We Obviously Endeavor To Kill Ourselves Or Drive Ourselves Crazy, Whichever Comes First

I’m taking a little break from the trip recap today to tell you about another trip.

Yes, we are crazy to have planned this trip to see Laser Beam Doc and all her magical dwarves the week after three days after returning from a week-long trip. But it couldn’t be helped.

Yesterday was Caedmon’s 6th laser treatment at Children’s. It’s been three whole months since we were there, and it seems like just a short, teensy bit of time ago.

Can you tell I hate the drive down and back?

It’s not really that bad on the way down, usually. But ya’ll know that driving home for 3 hours with a boy who is tired, cranky, and is weary of his carseat doesn’t make for a nice trip.

But this time? This time we came armed with a secret weapon. We’d purchased a portable DVD player.

(Can you hear the angels singing? Because I can.)

Mercifully, we had an early appointment time. As in had-to-get-up-and-leave-by-3am-early. So even though the getting up at 3am stinks, the being done with surgery (so the boy can eat!) by 10am is marvelous. Unlike last time, when we languished in our hospital room well past our 1:15pm appointment time.

He got a few extra marks this time. Before surgery, LBD’s Specialty Nurse drew a dotted line around Caedmon’s birthmark. It seems that because his little cheek gets so rosy when she starts in with the laser, it’s hard to see the rest of the birthmark. So he still has dots on his face and the Resident’s initials, where he marked his cheek too. Hopefully those will wash off soon, though my attempt at bathtime last night was completely in vain.

The afternoon after we got home was rough, even with the calm of the Curious George-induced quietness of the car ride home. We were all glad to see bedtime come around.

And we’ll do it all again in 3 months.

Now for some technical stuff:

LBD said we’re at the 2nd of 3 possible levels with the Pulsed Dye Laser. She doesn’t like to “turn it up to 11” if she doesn’t have to, but feels that perhaps it’s not been quite as effective as she’d like for it to be these last couple of times. Of course, he was probably a bit flushed from screaming when I left him at the OR door, so his birthmark looked a bit bright, I’m sure.

But…LBD told me she’s testing a new laser, called the Alexandrite Laser. She has been pleased with the results she’s seen with other patients, and thinks Caedmon might be a good candidate for the new laser. If and when they actually buy one.

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