Friday, August 14, 2009

In Which His Cowboy Busts Out

Even though my family is a huge rodeo family, there’s not much “country” going on at our house. We are more of a “geek” family.

So imagine my surprise day before yesterday when I found C like this in the hallway.DSC04217I’d gotten some boxes down out of his closet to take inventory for the fall/winter. In one of the boxes were several pairs of shoes that are still too big for him. He found the boots, which are probably two sizes too big, and immediately put them on.

And he took them off and put them back on. all. day. long.

Then yesterday, he woke up asking for his “booots!”

And we put them on. And took them off. And put them on again.DSC04285DSC04287 DSC04289And then he wore them to Target. With his shorts. Oh yes he did.

Nevermind that he took a sweet forever to walk across the parking lot because he had to make sure every step clunked. Or maybe he was just trying to keep them on his feet since they are two sizes too big.

I did manage to teach him that it’s much easier to get them on and off when you wear socks. But he still hasn’t mastered taking them off yet. He doesn’t understand why pushing them at the top just doesn’t work. Maybe his Aunt Trump or Papa Duke can teach him how to properly take them off.

Every little boy needs a pair of boots. It was just a matter of time before he discovered them, I suppose. I guess now all he needs is a pair of six-shooters to go with them.

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  1. I love it! How precious! I would wear my boots with shorts too! ha! Miss you soooooo much! I am truly blessed because you are my friend!!!

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet... that boy is so cute I could eat him up!

  3. Ok...six shooters it is for Christmas then! And I will send you the pic of C in Papa Duke's cowboy hat that we took the other day. I guess everyone from this side of the family tree will be excited about C's footwear choice. Even Pastor wears a nice pair of cowboy boots every now and again...

  4. I love his boots! Charles has started to pretend to be a cowboy. I'm hoping he will want some boots and hat this year for Christmas. I would love to see a picture of C in his boots with a pair six shooters.

  5. At least they are HIS future boots... Elise told her Daddy yesterday that he was wearing "Eleesez shoez" (which were really his sandals) and she proceeded to bend over and try to take them off his feet as he is walking down the hall...

  6. I have been known to wear my boots with shorts... but not usually to Target.

  7. So stinkin cute!! I have a place in my heart for cowboys! I just knew I would marry me a cowboy...I'm still working on my city-slicker husband. I think he will come around!!

    Oh yeah, I definitely cracked up when you said you were a "geek" family. I love it and consider myself in the same realm!