Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You Know It’s Bad…

…when your son decides one of his favorite toys is a baby doll.

…when “Baby Feels So Real” is so heavy, your kid struggles to lug it around the house.

…when the baby is wearing your son’s clothes. That don’t fit. At all.

…when the boy wants to show off his “Bebe.”DSC03203…when Daddy breaks out some of his prized Star Wars Action Figures (which were, until now, sealed in their original packaging) and the boy doesn’t want anything to do with them.

…when Momma buys the doll new clothes. And they still don’t fit.

On the upside, the boy really does love his “Bebe.” He makes sure that baby gets to watch Curious George. He’s actually pretty gentle with it. And he’s not once left it outside or in the dog crate, which is more than I can say for most of his other toys.

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  1. Curly7:31 AM

    I hope Oz doesn't get a hold of that thing... I don't know what kind of liquid/gel is inside of it, but I'm sure that is not the way you want to find out!

    Tell Husband not to worry, a certain little brother of ours used to love to play barbies, but he grew out of it pretty good.

  2. I think Oz is afraid that doll will crush him.

    I think Husband is ok with this baby doll. If it goes any further, though...we both might become concerned. Especially with no sisters in the house!

  3. Two thoughts come to mind when reading that post:

    Hilarious giggling at the thought of Chris breaking out his unopened action figures in hopes of luring his son away from the doll.

    But more importantly, given the fact, as you said, there are no girls in your house - how did he come to even have a baby doll?

  4. Jill,
    Yeah, they were good action figures, too. From the "first" three episodes - 4, 5, and 6.

    The doll came from Auntie Trump. It was her doll when she was little. She let us borrow it to sort of acclimate the dogs before C was born (we see how well that worked) and we sort of kept it.

  5. Ethan and C should get together sometime and play with their "bebe's" together....although I think Ethan's fascination comes from having an older sister, but none the less Alex has also tried forcing the boy toys (trucks, cars, GI Joe)...nope he just want's the bebe and carries it all around the house, pushes it in Emma's stroller and puts the bebe down for "nap naps"...I too pray he will outgrow this stage! Although you are braver than I to post a photo for all the world to see (I secretly have one of Ethan in his sister's pink high heel dress up shoes....I think Alex would DIE if he knew I even took that photo!).

  6. Don't worry about him playing with a doll. It's preparing him for being a daddy. We let Hatley play with a "boy" doll Mikayla had when they were little and turns out, he's GREAT with babies and little kids. He'll be a great dad. His favorite thing to do is tackle football, so all is balanced. :)