Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation Much?

Ok, so as I suspected, declaring myself on Vacation didn’t actually mean I would get any rest or anything like that. But we did have fun.

We spent a few days in Branson with the fam. The whole fam. Well, everybody except HLB, because he has what’s called a “job” and “responsibilities” that he was unable to leave behind.

The weather was great for shopping the day we arrived, and we got some great deals at the outlet mall. My favorite find was a pair of jeans at the Gap Outlet for $11.99. Not just any jeans. These jeans are so awesome, as I tried them on I was waiting for the heavens to part and angels to sing. And did I mention they were only $11.99?

The next day, we went to Silver Dollar City, where it was apparently school’s-almost-out-and-we-have-nothing-else-to-do-but-go-on-field-trips-day. Oh, and we were there too. See, I even have a picture to prove that we were all there.DSC03332 My photographic skills are unmatched.

There was a little family competition on the High-Low Silos. You can watch it here. I feel bad for the guy and little girl who got caught in the middle of our family togetherness. She’s probably scarred for life. Here are the competitors after their fun.DSC03351 Left to right: Grade A, Trump, Deputy Guy, Fidget, Squirt, and NLB.

And here’s the cheering crowd from the video.DSC03347Dad and Husband look enthusiastic, don’t they? I think they were happy not to be in the midst of the insanity fun.

C had fun. He spent quite a bit of time in the stroller. Some of it with his hat on, but mostly not. DSC03336He loved the fountains that shot up out of the sidewalk. He had to observe first and get the timing down just right. DSC03314And then it was running willy-nilly through the fountain.DSC03322 DSC03317 DSC03320And shooting water cannons.DSC03301It was a great day, but with no nap, we called it quits a bit before everyone else.

The next day we shopped a bit more and then made our way home. It’s hard to believe we packed that much into just three days without anyone being seriously injured.

I did, however, have a twitching eye the day after we got home. I think all the togetherness did me in.

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  1. I am so glad you videoed the heated silo contest! And I noticed you have a name for the new son-in-law. Did I miss that post? I enjoyed my time with all of ya'll. I say lets do it again.