Monday, May 04, 2009

Maybe It’s Not Swine Flu, But I Still Need Someone To Blame

I’d like to give you a summary of last week.

Sunday – The Day of (No) Rest: C refused to nap, which meant no nap for me.

And thus our challenging week was underway.

Monday – The Day of The Tantrum: There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, including an hour-long tantrum over about 83 things that were inconsequential and wouldn’t have made him happy anyway.

He definitely was not himself.

Tuesday – The Day of The Monkey: How many times can a toddler ask to watch Cue Ge (Curious George) before noon? I counted about 837,003. He spent a lot of the afternoon with George since there was, again, no nap.

We visited the doctor, who said C was in fine health and had a case of Toddleritis. Encouraging.

Wednesday – The Day There Was Hope: Things were actually decent enough for C to “help” me make dessert for Bible Study and enjoy a picnic lunch outside.

Actually, by “picnic” I mean C continually dumping his hot dog pieces and goldfish crackers out onto our picnic blanket and tempting Oz with them. He finally ate his food along with some dirt, a few bits of grass, and maybe a bug or two.

The day was still riddled with bouts of crankiness (both his and mine), but overall much better.

Thursday – The Day Daddy Left and C Wanted Him For The First Time All Week: C’s been extremely clingy (to me, of course) all week. But after Husband left to go out of town on Thursday, C asked for him all day. And all evening. And every time he heard a noise that he thought might be his Daddy. Very sweet, but tiring.

Almost as tiring as a little guy yelling, “Mama! Mama!” and trying to climb up your legs every 47 seconds.

Friday – The Day of The Monsoon: We hit the road right after breakfast and went to Mom & Dad’s for the morning. Oz went too. It was raining, so the dogs stayed outside and played in the rain while we played inside. C fell asleep on the way home, thus that’s all the nap there was.

His attitude was better than earlier in the week. But the clinginess? It was about to drive me nuts.

Tornado warnings, hail, wall clouds, and funnel clouds made the late afternoon/early evening pretty interesting. The weatherman was telling everyone to put their bicycle helmets on when they took cover.

Really? As if climbing into a bathtub with a mattress on top of you isn’t awkward enough, let’s add something that makes your head bigger.

I know he was trying to keep everyone safe, and for that, I give him props. He did a great job. That’s why I watch.

But honestly? I was about ready to be swept away by a tornado.

At some point I just gave up and went to give C his bath, sans helmets. If we were to get hit by a tornado at least we’d be in the right place.

Saturday – The Day of The Fever: With Husband out of town, there was no sleeping in. Especially since C decided that 6:30 was a great time to get up and start yelling.

All I have to say is that I have never been more appreciative of Mickey Mouse. He doesn’t quite rate up there with George, but he’ll do in a pinch.

And then the fever came.

Yep. Actual illness. With more crankiness.

I could continue on with more details of our weekend, but this should suffice: fever, cranky, cling, cry, puke, laundry, Curious George; repeat.

Notice there was no “sleep” in there?

The nurse at the pediatric clinic says she’s pretty sure it’s not the Swine Flu, or hamthrax, or whatever Rainn Wilson’s Twitter followers have decided to call it.

That doesn’t help much, really. Because at least if it was, we’d be special and not just sick. It might at least help with morale.

So, starting out the new week, it’s just before 10am on Monday and the boy has been up since about 3:00. AM. Yes, apparently there’s one of those in the morning too.

Thankfully, he just fell asleep in his rocking chair. While watching Curious George, of course.

I think I need a nap too. Either that or some caffeine.

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  1. Ouch. So sorry to hear your week was extremely rough. Hope it's getting better on this Tuesday morning.

  2. Thanks. It has been rough, but hopefully we're coming out of it. He actually slept most of the night last night and didn't wake up crying this morning. Fingers crossed!

  3. You ALWAYS make me laugh with your posts, and I can totally feel your pain with the sick child at the pediatricians and the Doctor looks at you and says their "Fine", yeah right "fine", you haven't lived with them for the past few days! Glad C is doing better now! I'm hoping for
    Sick Free + Good Naps = Happy Momma!