Friday, May 01, 2009

Family Photos

It's about time we had some new family photos done, and we knew just the person to help us out. Brian Armas is a great friend and agreed to shoot our family.

With his camera, not a weapon.

Although he probably wanted to use something else by the time the session was over. C was getting a bit cantankerous, and by the end not even candy could appease him.

Husband wasn’t so thrilled with the prospect of family photos either, to be honest. He has what I like to call, “Chandler Bing Disease,” and really has a hard time getting comfortable in front of the camera.

And he had to take his glasses off (because they’re Transitions and would’ve looked totally creepy), and was afraid he’d be squinting the whole time.

But because Brian is a friend, we laughed and joked the whole time, which made the whole thing pretty painless and even kind of fun. For us, anyway. I can’t speak for Brian.

Anyway, here are some of our favorite shots, coming soon to some frames in my house.

This one is Husband’s favorite.BRO_3312-EditThis one is getting the special treatment, and will be our very first “enormous” family photo. It’ll be 16 x 20. BRO_3129 BRO_3140C wasn’t really sure what we were doing here. I think he was in between gummies and was more interested in getting some more candy than in cooperating for a picture. BRO_3201BRO_3239Look at me and my sweetie! Isn’t he handsome?BRO_3240BRO_3101 And my sweet boy…I just want to squeeze him!BRO_3263BRO_3305 In the Mom & Son photos, C was a tad wiggly. Can you tell?BRO_3172BRO_3286For the Daddy & Son photos, Husband was basically chasing C around and posing next to him any time he slowed down from a blur to a wiggle. Props to Brian for catching those milliseconds!BRO_3292Look at my guys. Aren’t they handsome?BRO_3295So yeah, if you are in the area (or not) and need some photos, you should definitely give Brian a call. Or an email. Or whatever.

If he can make us look good, he can do anything!

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  1. These are great! Brian always does a great job!

  2. So good! I like the one with your head sort of down on C looking at him. So precious. I hope our family pics turn out as well.