Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

I think we spent about four days celebrating Mother’s Day. And that’s just fine with me.

Last week, C made a bouquet for me at KDO. Rather, his teachers did. They are so awesome, and I love all the wonderful things C brings home because of their hard work.

It’s a dozen “handprint flowers”. Isn’t it adorable?DSC03128DSC03132Those sweet little handprint flowers will be around for a long time. And I’m sure I’ll bring them out one day to show C’s girlfriend and thoroughly embarrass him. But that’s what Moms are for, right?

On Saturday, Husband took C to breakfast and let me sleep in. It was glorious. And I needed it. Still catching up, I guess.

Then, it was breakfast in bed and my Mother’s Day gift.

Yes, it was early. But being in ministry, we’re lucky to see Husband by noon on Sundays. He planned ahead. I was proud.

As always, Husband did a great job with the gift, a digital picture frame. I love it. Now to find a place for it where C can’t reach it. That will definitely be a challenge.

And then on Sunday, Husband dubbed it the First Annual Take Momma Out To Eat Day. Honestly, I would’ve been perfectly happy with anything I didn’t have to cook (or clean up after), but he insisted we go out.

So out we went. To my favorite place. I ventured away from my normal menu choice and ate nearly an entire order of Spinach Dip. By myself.

A bit much? Maybe. But it’s my day, right?

C filled his belly too, with an entire order of Mac & Cheese, some of my chips, some of his Daddy’s Sweet Potato Fries, and nearly half of the Blue Bell ice cream that came with my Chocolate Chunk Cake.

Then it was home for some entertainment at its finest before bedtime: Curious George.

Once C hit the sack, Husband and I watched the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice.

My guys took good care of me. It was a great Mother’s Day.

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  1. what a cute bouquet of 'flowers'. love it! and, it's not fair to describe marketplace in such yummy detail to those of us who can't get it :) sounds like your guys took good care of you!

  2. That was so sweet of husband and C to serve you breakfast in bed! Glad you had a great mother's day!