Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Other, Other Woman

We have a joke around our house that Husband's computer is "The Other Woman."

I've accepted the fact that I married a computer nerd. Even C knows that if Daddy isn't in the living room with us, he's most likely basking in the soft glow of his monitor.

Don't think I'm resentful, ya'll, because I'm not. There are lots of hobbies that take The Men out and away from home. I'm fortunate that Husband's allows him to enjoy himself right here in our own home.

In case, you know, I need him to open a jar of pickles for me. It just would not do if I had to wait for him to get back from 18 holes of golf to open that jar. My pickle appetite would be gone by then.

But there is an "Other, Other Woman." She hasn't been around much for a while, but I think we're about to see a bit more of her.

And here she is.

Actually, this is a new one. Husband recently sold his old guitar (that was very nice and I was allowed to touch only on special occasions, like when he needed me to bring her to him at the church) and purchased this blonde beauty.

No, she doesn't wash his undies or fix his dinner, but this girl fulfills a creative need in Husband's life in a way I cannot. And so, I don't mind her filling his lap now and then.

But if she starts baking cookies, we're going to have a serious chat. Pin It

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  1. I bet her cookies would taste like cardboard.