Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch-Up, Part Deux

Our story continues on Tuesday, the day before Christmas Eve.

After a rough night, C slept until 8:30am. Gotta love those hotel curtains. We made our way over to S & B's house for more fun.

C maintained a 100/101 temp most of the day and had a good time playing with J and his super fun toys. Especially the blue kitchen.

And since our trip would not be complete without a family trip to the bookstore, we all piled into cars and made our way to the biggest Half Price Books I've ever seen.

C and I split the majority of our time between having a snack at the cafe and running up and down the ramp and climbing the stairs in the kids' area. And after a much-needed nap on our way back to the house, he was ready to go again.

And so was his fever. It again went up close to 103. I was thrilled beyond words.

We decided to open one gift on Tuesday night. Actually, Husband suggested opening one gift that night, as we were planning on opening the rest on Christmas Eve. And he was joined enthusiastically in his plea by Z and J.

After the frivolity, we went back to the hotel for another fitful night. C's fever finally broke sometime during the night, and he woke up fever-free on Christmas Eve.

It was a Christmas Miracle. Or at very least, a Festivus Miracle.

But it was strange, because he was more grouchy after the fever left than he had been with fever.

It was a full day. C got a nap in while the rest of the family made a trip to another bookstore.

During the afternoon, Husband, C, Z and I went to the Christmas Eve service at Prestonwood. We enjoyed it, although we only saw pieces of it due to C's grouchiness.

And on the way back home, we swung by Babies R Us and picked up some bumpers for C's crib that I finally decided I wanted.

Anyway, we made it back for more family time, had a wonderful Christmas dinner, and opened gifts. They were great - and C's favorite was definitely the wagon.

C was still his normal temperature, but the grouchiness was killing us. The boy was tired. And so were we. The activities of the past few days were great, but we were worn out!

Here are a few shots with the family. There weren't many of these, as it was extremely difficult to get a three year old and a 15 month old to be still for a nanosecond at a time at the same time.

That evening, we made it back to the hotel and C was out like a light. And he slept most of the night in the pack & play. Which meant that Husband and I got to sleep too.

Until 4am, anyway.... Pin It

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