Monday, October 20, 2008

Hospital Pictures

Here are a couple of pics from our croup/pneumonia hospital adventure this past weekend.

Here's C hanging out in the big hospital bed. This is where he and I slept.

This is where Husband spent most of his night. The few hours he slept was on the most uncomfortable pull-out in the world, apparently.
Here's C, watching Fox News. He held onto his rag (lovey) and toy phone quite a bit.
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  1. poor baby... he looks so pitiful. Those pictures make you want to kiss those sweet cheeks of his.

  2. brinkleyfireman2:48 PM

    I still think he needs some gumbo in between his toes, that is a sure cure for most of what ails ya

  3. poor little guy! so sorry he isn't feeling well. hope C gets feeling better.