Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain...

When we were in the hospital with C, we were furnished with a nice hospital crib. I mean nice.

We didn't use it. We tried, but it was a no-go. C wasn't having it. So he ended up sleeping with me in the "big" hospital bed.

There is one thing that caught my eye, though. I mean, I understand that these things have to deal with some hefty wear and tear. They have to be "institutional" becaue of their very nature. That's fine. I get that.

Here's the bed.
A very picture of awesomeness. Am I right?

And here's the label on the end of the bed.

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  1. Curly3:46 PM

    I guess they are ready for baby Huey.

  2. I am absolutely laughing out loud at that! Only you would catch that. So funny.

  3. Well, maybe Husband should have slept in the crib...since he obviously would be within the weight restriction.