Friday, September 26, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I was hoping to post about the new movie Fireproof today, because we were going to see a sneak preview of it last night. But due to some technical difficulties at the theatre, we were not able to.

I did score a giant bag of Reese's Pieces out of the whole thing, though. So all was not lost.

Anyway, I will just wrap up my movie "review" by saying this: Fireproof. Go see it.

Why? It's produced by the same people that did Facing The Giants. So you know it has a great message and will be a good opportunity to talk to your friends/family about, you know, issues.

And for those of us who cut our 12-year-old molars on Growing Pains, it's got to be worth it to see a grown up Kirk Cameron.

We are also having technical difficulties at our house today.

Chickster woke at 5am, having thrown up in his bed. That's always nice to find before the dark. Amazingly enough, he'd managed to keep it pretty contained and had gotten hardly any on himself.

Either he's learning or that was a blessing from God. Or both.

I got everything cleaned up, fed the poor boy because he was begging for food, and we went back to bed. He's still sleeping. Also a blessing from God.

I'm guessing a trip to the doctor is in our near future.

I'm hoping they don't have any technical difficulties at the Pediatric clinic today. Pin It


  1. So, did you not get to see it at all????

  2. Nope. Not at all. Not even the silly pre-movie trivia (the sound was turned down so us "church folks" could talk). But we DID see the "please turn off your cell phones" warning about a bazillion times. Think they were trying to tell us something?

    Maybe we need one of those at church.

    We were issued passes to see it another time.

  3. I saw it yesterday and Jeff and I are going tonight. It is fabulous!! Hope you get to see it soon.