Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Name

I've decided to shorten Chickster's blog name to "C". Yes, just C. Creative, I know. Deep thought went into it, I promse.

Mainly thoughts like, "Gosh, that's a long name to type. I should've thought of that. He's kinda outgrowing it too. And it might be nice for people not to confuse his blog name with his real name."

So, you know, laziness and stuff like that.

I thought you'd figure it out eventually, but the considerate thing to do would be to let you know in advance.

And I like to be considerate.

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  1. Amy S.10:33 AM

    Have you been talking to my good friend that came to visit this past weekend?? Because I told her how I forget that his real name isn't Chickster. So it's funny that now you're changing it. :)

  2. Ha! No, I haven't. But I have had several comments about how easy it is to get his name confused with his blog name.

    So hopefully this will help that issue - and my laziness. :)

  3. I miss 'Chickster' already.

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I will call this kid Chickster till the day I die.