Friday, August 22, 2008

Old School Toys

I mean really old school.

Along with the $1 dump truck, out came a tractor. A tractor that was Husband's when he was a little boy. And as Husband is about to turn 35 next week (gasp!), this tractor has got to be like, a million years old in toy years.

It's so old, it's probably made of lead. With lead paint.

Chickster loves it, though. He concentrates so hard when he's driving his truck and tractor around and makes the cutest little face. It took me a while to capture it in a picture. Pin It


  1. Ok so...I just thought today while reading this post...I have read so many of your posts that now I think that your baby's name is actually "chickster". I forget that he has a real name...

    I just thought that was funny. Love you guys and we love seeing pictures of him on here!! He is growing up!

  2. Ha! You're not the only one who nearly calls him "Chickster" in real life.

    We miss you guys, but are glad things are well. Be sure to give us a call next time you are in town!