Monday, July 14, 2008

Superhero Update

A few people have asked about Chickster's birthmark and the success of our first laser treatment.

First, thanks for asking. Second, yes, we've seen a tremendous improvement. We have been surprised and pleased, especially since Laser Beam Doc told us not to expect much this time. Here are a few photos that show the difference.

Before the laser treatment, April 2008.

After the laser treatment healed (and my terrible hair cut), May 2008.

July 2008.

These photos also show how fast he's growing! I can't believe our Chickster is getting to be such a big boy so fast.

Our next laser treatment will be the first week of August. We are praying we will see equal or better improvement from the second treatment. And also that it will be as easy on Chickster as the first. We'll definitely post updates after that treatment as well. Pin It


  1. Wow. What a difference. I'm so glad.

  2. I can't believe the difference with just one treatment. That's amazing. We are praying for you guys.