Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Into Everything

Chickster has become a busy little boy these past few weeks. With pulling up and crawling comes a whole new world to explore. Keeps me on my toes, this one.

This is what we did this morning before his nap:

He's found where I keep his cloth diapers - his loveys. His first target when I put him down in his room now is that tub. I might need to move those, huh?

He read books - all of them.

Helped me with my workout.

And began sorting his laundry.

Also, last night I actually saw evidence of his top teeth peeking their way through the gums. They're actually there. They exist. This snotty nose and bouts of fussiness have not been in vain. The ones I saw were the two on the right - not the two front teeth, but the right front tooth and its neighbor off to the side. I hope the others aren't far behind. He would look a little lop-sided. And I can imagine it would make eating a bit difficult.

But hey, I'll take them as they come. And if they all want to come at once, that would be fine with me. We can kill two birds with one stone. Or perhaps four, as it were.

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