Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Mommy! Bad!

Have you ever felt like a bad Mommy? Well, I guess you'd have to be a Mom to feel that way. So how about just a terrible person in general? I have a day like that every now and then, and one of them was the other day.

It was Sunday. Chickster had gotten over his teething grouchies, but had been up half the night, then up very early and was tired and cranky. I decided not to take him to the nursery at church in an effort to spare the nursery ladies his fussiness. Plus, I thought that maybe I could get him to take a nap and that would help his attitude (and maybe mine too). We were successful with the nap finally, after a bit of sleep fighting. He woke up to his cheery self.

See, I tried. But it all went downhill from there.

We made it home a bit late, and Chickster had gotten pretty quiet. I went to change his diaper and he was wet. Wet. You know, really wet. I hadn't changed his diaper at church becuase we'd been so busy. Bad Mommy! So I had to change his clothes, poor guy.

And since we were late getting home, I knew he was getting hungry, but when I sat down to feed him, he acted like he hadn't eaten in a week. Bad Mommy!

He was tired, so tired. So when I put him down for a nap, he went right to sleep. For an hour. Seeing as I had been up with him half the night and then very early, I was tired too. And I needed more than that hour's nap. So did he. But he wasn't going back to sleep, so we got up.

For the next hour, I laid in the floor with my pillow beside Chickster and watched TV while he played. I use the term "play" loosely. Mainly because he spent pretty much the entire time fussing and crying. Nothing made him happy, so I just let him be unhappy. Bad Mommy!

Finally, in an effort to appease the fussiness, I took the boy outside. He loves being outside. We sat on the step of the deck and he played with the grass with his toes. Then I brought him back in and fed him - a bit early this time. I couldn't let him starve again, because that would be bad.

He desperately needed another nap. He slept 15 whole minutes. Then he fussed, talked, and generally just messed around. I left him in there. For another 45 minutes. While I laid in the bed, watching TV, yearning for sleep, listening to him over the monitor. Bad Mommy!

So I finally got him out of his crib prison. He was a bit more cheerful and played for a while. Then, I went to get him ready for bed and noticed something was off.

The back of his neck was pink. Yep. Sunburned. The only happy minutes the boy spent the entire afternoon gave him a sunburn. We were outside a whole 10 minutes. Bad Mommy! (In my defense, it was gone the next morning so it couldn't have been too bad.)

Yep, definitely one of those days...letting my kid pee on himself, lying next to him watching TV while he fussed and cried, letting him get sunburned, leaving him in his crib while I laid in the bed. Sad thing is that it won't be the last Bad Mommy day...but let's hope there's not another one for a while. Pin It

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  1. Well, you might feel the need to be hard on yourself about the wet diaper and the wet clothes - but before the improvements in disposable diapers that was a way of life around our house. So - the improvements in diapers just contribute to the guilt that mothers feel...rather than improving their lives... Isn't that a twisted point of view!?!??!!?