Thursday, April 10, 2008

And The Tooth Shall Set You Free

Ok, so yesterday my happy little Chickster wasn't. He had a rough day. He was tired, a little cranky, and just a bit off. Definitely not himself. I couldn't find a real reason for the fussiness, and since he can't yet use words to say, "Mother, I'm having a less than stellar day because..." I had no idea what was up with him. But he recovered and had a good evening and a great night's sleep.

Well, today it all became clear. As I was getting Chickster dressed this morning, I noticed a bright, shiny tooth starting to pop through his gums! I guess "pop" is not the proper word. Probably more like "push its way through in agonizing pain and anguish."

I was surprised to see Chickster's first tooth making its appearance. Not because he's not old enough, because he certainly is. But mainly because other than the drooling (which he's been doing since just a few weeks old) and chewing on everything he can get his little hands on (which again is pretty par for the course), there have really been no symptoms. No red gums, no rash, no fever, or any of the other horrid things you hear about. Just a bit off kilter yesterday and then today, here it is.

I had a dental appointment today for a cleaning and Chickster went with me. He proudly showed Dr. C and the girls his newly burgeoning tooth. They even gave him his very own toothbrush, which he thoroughly enjoyed chewing on while I had my teeth flossed by a very nice lady wearing blue rubber gloves.

You know I had to try to get a picture of this new little tooth. It was a challenge, to say the least. Chickster kept trying to grab the camera, and of course, wanted to add it to his slobbered-on conquests. So here is a photo journal of the attempt to get the tooth's first picture.

Here it is, in all its glory!

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