Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Splish Splash

Chickster had his first sitting-in-the-water-bath the other day. After the initial shock, I think he enjoyed it. He figured out that if he kicked his leg, it made the water wiggle. That was a source of enjoyment for at least 12 seconds, and I imagine will only become more fun as he gets older.

Sass keeps fussing about the washrag over his man-parts in his bath pictures, thinking we're trying to be all modest. In truth, I'm trying not to get squirted.

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  1. We have so many pictures of our little one's man parts that he will be fully mortified when he's older..... either that or completely proud of himself. Daddy just HAD to take all those pics. I think he just really wanted to show everyone what he was able to produce. He's soooo proud. :)

  2. Avoiding the squirting is a good thing...and modesty never hurts. And modesty is easier to explain to the girlfriends than body parts!
    But if you have to be proud and show-off, now is the best time!

  3. Well, in utero, I promised him that the ultrasound was the only photo where I would ask him to show his "parts," and I'm planning on sticking with that. I was never a huge fan of the naked pictures anyway.