Friday, August 17, 2007

Mom's Late-Nite Adventure

So, since Honey and I are both still holding out, I think a few folks are getting just a tad antsy waiting for the kids to arrive. Below is an email I received from Mom this morning about her adventures last night.

"I went out to check on Honey this morning about 2 a.m. I couldn’t sleep – so I thought maybe the Lord was prompting me to check on her. (I can just blame my loss of sleep on the Lord…:))

Just as I walked where I could see her – she plopped onto the ground. And it was an ungraceful plopping. Consider setting 1000 pregnant pounds on the ground from a 3 ft height.

Horses – like birth-giving people – do NOT like to be bothered. So knowing this and remembering my own experiences I snuck around…to quietly observe.

I swear I thought that horse was down for the count.

I got Squirt up…we pitched us a couple of towels on the ground and settled in for the arrival of “the foal.” No particular progress was being made on Honey’s part – but sometimes these things take time.

We decided to get Trump up. She brought a towel and joined us in the shadows. Trump sat there about 15 minutes. She said, “Nope – this is going nowhere. I’m going to bed.”

Squirt followed her in…toting their “towel seating.”

So, I was left in the shadows by myself – watching a pregnant horse SLEEP. She was just “dreaming” she was having a foal – because she never actually got around to it.

I did get up, take my own towel seat, and went back to my own bed. Where I dreamed about foals, too. Only, I dreamed the horses got out…Squirt was chasing them trying to get them hemmed up. Honey foaled in the process – right in the driveway.

The foal looked like a Chihuahua. I was NOT happy!"

Glad I was at home asleep during all of this last night. I just hope she doesn't have any dreams about my kid looking like a Chihuahua. Pin It


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    hahahahahaha. Oh my gosh! That's funny. And she says I have weird dreams! OH man. -squirt

  2. I hope that I don't inherit those kinds of weird dreams.

    And we all know that even if you check on that mare every 30 minutes every night you will most likely miss the birth. If she is ANYTHING like our other mares the night that she is actually in labor she will hold her breath when you come to check on her then get if over in a hurry when you go back inside.