Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Name Game

No, this is not about a name for the Chickster or Chicklet. That is well under control. This is about a name for Mom and Dad. (Mom asked for some advice and Dad is along for the ride but doesn't know it yet. Oops...maybe he does now.)

So what's a grandma to be called these days? Because of the size of our family, quite a few names are already taken - Mimi, Meemom, Nanna, Nanny, and even Granny. Those are all out, having already been given to other family members. Husband's first vote is for the staunch and proper "Grandma," (that's what he's always called his Grandmothers) but I don't think Mom is enthused about that one. Of course, we know that the kid will end up calling her whatever it can say, but we must have some sort of name for it to butcher while it's learning to talk.

I suggested to Mom that she ask Curly, Trump, et al. their thoughts on the name game, but I don't think she really cares too much what they think. Unless, that is, they come up with a name she likes.

And then what about Dad? With Pops, Papa (pronounced Pawpaw), and Poppy already taken, that doesn't leave a whole lot open for him, either. Maybe he's already chosen his name and we just don't know about it yet...that wouldn't surprise me. But just in case, I think we should come up with something. We don't want Dad feeling left out while we all pour blood, sweat, and tears into coming up with a name for Mom.

So now's your chance, folks. Click on "Comments" below and throw in your two cents about what the munchkin and all future grand-munchkins should call Mom and Dad. It might be your only chance to have an opinion on the subject. We'll narrow the playing field, put it up for a vote (Mom and Dad's), then let you know the winner. Fabulous amounts of points* will be awarded to the person who submits the names that are chosen. We'll leave it open for a while, so take your time and be creative!

*Here at Superchikk Peeps, players can't win and the points don't matter. Pin It


  1. Ok. Let the games begin...

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I think they should go with the standard...
    Cowpoke and Little Nasty

  3. Ashleigh9:40 AM

    I think that your mom could be Grandma Cici, or Gram, or just Cici

    For your dad - I like Pop or Papa - not pronounced Pawpaw.

    I hope that yall have fun and get lots of names for the grandparents! :-)

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I am traditional person like Chris. We called ours Grandma followed by their names (Bessie and Jessie were their names). When my parents were becoming grandparents, they decided that the first Grandchild would name the Grandparents. So, basically what this child comes up with - should go. But, as a starting point, I like CiCi for Cindy. I also like Papa for your dad - that is really fitting for him.

    Thanks for letting me comment - DB

  5. Cowpoke might work for Grandpa...but I'm not so sure about Little Nasty for Grandma!

    Maybe it's a good thing you've made an anonymous post! :)

    ALTHOUGH...last night someone suggested that I be called BIG MOMMA. Given those choices, I might take Little Nasty!

  6. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Anonymously I submit:
    Nuni (pronounced New Knee)and

  7. I have it!
    Since your dad's grandparents were from Germany I suggest Oma and Opa.

  8. What is the prize? Did I win?

  9. Not much help here. J calls my parents Grandma/pa and Husband's parents are Granny & Poppy.

    My niece calls my mom Grammy. Kind of cute.

    Good luck!

  10. What about Gigi? I like that one. I also like Cici. That kinda fits your mom. I always called my grandpa's Papa and Papaw. Although, one of my stepbrothers calls my stepdad Padre.

  11. Anonymous3:21 PM

    How about BeBop and Pop?

  12. Curly4:06 PM

    I think "Nami" could be a cute grandma name. But I'm not sure that Dad would go for Padre.....