Friday, July 28, 2006

Big City Driving

I love it. Driving in the city. Not the little 'plex we live in around here, but the real Big D, which is where we were this past week.

It was great to be in a place where everyone was driving with purpose! Not out for a leisurely drive, taking their sweet time; but driving with an urgency to actually get somewhere. We didn't have to drive great distances once we got there, but when we did go places, it was great to be in the flow of things again. We never lived in the Big D, but it felt like home when I was behind the wheel. I can understand these people when they drive. There's a slight aggressiveness about their driving that I relish. Probably because I drive the same way.

Not many people I talked to this past week shared my sentiments on driving. Most of the ladies didn't want to drive when we went on a little field trip one day. I begged to. And when we went to dinner each night, I wanted to drive. And since Husband is so obliging, he kindly let me have my fun.

I also don't get why people have such a hard time navigating in the city. It's not that hard, folks. Even if you don't know exactly how to get there, if you know where you are and where you want to end up, you can figure it out.

Bottom line: you can't be afraid of the skinny pedal on the right. It's called the accelerator. Use it. It is your friend. Pin It

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