Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthdays

Happy Squirt who turned 13 last week, (sorry this is late!) and to NLB, who turns 16 today.

Say it with me, "Freeeeeedoooom!" Pin It


  1. Freedom? What time zone are you living in? Now he has to get a job...and pay for his gas...and part of his insurance (when we follow through and get him a vehicle.)

    School and chores are serious enough time wasters...but a JOB is really going to cut into his WOW time!

    Yeah...he can drive some...but he'll have to drag his sisters around from place to place.

    I'm thinking I'm the one that is going to experience FREEDOM! Everyone is getting old enough to fend for more snot-nosed, whiny children...just mega-burping, gripy teenagers!

  2. Sorry - the "Freedom" reference was an inside joke.