Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idols?

Ok, so yes, we're hooked on Amemrican Idol (again). Of course, the Wednesday night show is missed because we are otherwise occupied and the VCR is reserved for recording LOST. Except for last week, when I was recovering from some not-so-fun doctor-type stuff. Anyway....

I am completely underwhelmed this season. Of course, how can you not be after having somebody like Bo Bice last season? (Yes, I love Bo Bice!) So let me give my breakdown on the 16 remaining contestants.

The Girls: A few of the girls are really good. Mandisa, of course, is awesome. And I've heard from several sources that she's an awesome Christian. I want to like little Paris, but I think she needs to break out of her little old-school mold. Katharine is really good - especially for a brown-haired white girl. I don't mean for that to sound bad, but you know what I mean. She's a regular-looking, though pretty, girl. And her Mom is a voice teacher, so she ought to be good. Curly haired Lisa is great, though young. She needs to pick better songs for herself. I also really want to like Melissa, but I think she will be gone soon. She just can't hang with the other girls. Kinnik will also go soon, I think. It's not that she's bad, but I don't think she's got "it." Ayla is just completely forgettable. Sorry. Sweet Kellie Pickler ("Pick Pickler" is her motto) tugs at your heartstrings, but I'm not sure America is looking for another country star just yet.

The Guys: There are some really great guys in this line-up. Or, should I say, two great ones, and six who have potential. Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I think Bucky should go. Not trying to be a hater, but he just gets on my nerves...too "backwoods" and doesn't have the saving grace of cuteness that endears Kellie to you. He's just not "Idol" material. Ace is one of my favorites, but not quite at the top of the list. He puts on too much of a show to be real all the time. If I want a show, I'll go to Broadway. Chris Daughtry has to be my favorite. I'm not all over the baldness and "lamb chops" but it works for him. And really, who cares with a voice and performances like that? The guy's just awesome. Elliott is a close second to my favorite boy Chris. However, he needs to pin his ears back or something...maybe let his hair grow out. He's got a great voice, but his ears have to to create enough wind drag to slow him down dramatically. Gedeon...what can I say? I'm thoroughly impressed that he's only 17 years old. And despite what Simon says, he has a great smile. Oh, and the voice isn't bad either. Little Kevin...needs to grow up a little bit and come back. He's got a great voice, but I think is just a bit too immature and inexperienced. Taylor almost falls into the "weirdo" category. The guy is 29 years old and has gray hair. And a very different singing style. But you gotta love him - he's definitely original. And last, but not least, Will. He's a Texas boy, and I hope he does well, but I think he could vastly improve. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he left us this next week.

This year the guys are definitely better than the girls. I am going to call it now: A guy will win. And I'm going to go as far as saying I think it will be Chris Daughtry. Even if he doesn't win, I think he'll get signed and we'll be hearing more from him.

Go ahead, blast my theories all to pieces. Let me hear it. Pin It


  1. Ok, so I have to dig a little on your choices. For the guys, Taylor is by far my favorite with Chris coming in a close second. I just think Taylor is so different from anyone out there and I enjoy listening to him so much that I would buy a record of his right now and listen to him. I think little Kevin needs to go. Sweet voice, but if ever there was a non-American Idol, it would be him.

    As for the girls, I can NOT hear enough of Katherine! I envy that girls voice like crazy! She really is talented. I agree with you on all the other girls, though. I love Kellie Pickler just because she is so sweet and it would be a sweet story for her to win, but I just can't see it.

    Now I'm really ready for tomorrow night to get here. I mean, honestly, it's pretty pathetic that I'm this addicted to this show! I love reality shows and there a lots that I won't miss, but heavens. I guess because I love singing to much, I'm on the verge of being obsessed with this show!!!

  2. There are some of us who just don't care at all, about American Idol, swoon and drool....not!

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Chris Daughtry is hott, he is a great singer and I think he is so cute.


  5. chris daughtry is a hottie and he has a great strong voice. i hope he wins