Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Magic

Well kids, another Super Bowl has come and gone. And Husband’s beloved Dallas Cowboys were nowhere to be found. He was a bit torn up about that, but what can you do? They stunk only a little less this year than they did last year.

So, we were forced to watch the Seahawks and the Steelers battle on the gridiron. For those who actually watched the game, that is. I watch mostly for the commercials. And while there were some great commercials (for beer of course) my favorite was a Sprint commercial. I’ll have to see if that “Crime deterrent” feature works on my Nokia as well. If you missed it, you can watch the one entitled "Locker Room" here. I also very much enjoyed the commercials. I can understand how they feel sometimes.

The important thing is that my prediction of the winner was correct. Several doubted my rock-solid and unwavering belief that the Steelers would win. Not because I like them or anything. In fact, as a Dallas Cowboy fan, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a rather despised opponent. However, I was sure that the momentum behind Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis would push the Steelers on to victory. Now “Big Ben” has become not only the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl, he’s the youngest quarterback to have ever played. And Jerome Bettis is retiring. Two great players at opposite ends of their career, who just won their first Super Bowl and can now finally go to Disney World.

Now Husband is very anxious about next season already. He is concerned that there are now three teams who boast five Super Bowl victories, one of them being the Dallas Cowboys. He is afraid that one of the other teams will usurp the Cowboys in their number of Super Bowl rings. I am not concerned about the number of rings these guys have, but I would like to have a happy football season around here. Only six months until preseason! Woo hoo! Pin It


  1. While your husband was quite upset about the superbowl winners mine was on cloud 9. As a long time die-hard steelers fan Deputy guy and his steeler fan brother had a great celebration last Sunday night. And they are already praying for a repeat victory next season.

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Who cares about the game, although I did root for the Steelers simply because they had the cooler name. I really liked to commercials. Especially the one with the Clydesdale foal trying to pull the wagon with the older horses pushing it. That was really really cute. And who doesn't love Clydesdales?