Monday, February 13, 2006

So I Skipped

Ok, yes, I know I skipped Wednesday’s post. And Friday’s. You’ll be ok…really. If, that is, you even missed me. Today is going to be kind of random, as I haven’t had time to actually gather my thoughts enough to focus them in one direction.

This past weekend brought our big winter/spring event at church. Spur58 was in doing the music, and it was a long, loud, great weekend. They will also be leading worship at the JH/HS camp this summer. Husband was excited because they have an albino guy in the band who, by the way, was very cool. So much for not profiling people. Mike Satterfield was the speaker, and he was great. Our kids didn’t know what to think of him at first because he got a little, um, excited sometimes. But it was good for the kids to hear from someone who didn’t necessarily fit into their little box.

It actually snowed this weekend. Well, I use that term rather loosely. Frozen flakes of precipitation fell from the sky intermittently throughout the weekend, and even managed to stick on a few things for a short time. However by the time we got out of church on Sunday morning, it was all gone…g-o-n-e. So much for getting to enjoy the “splendor of a winter’s morn”…EVER. Why couldn’t the front that dumped two feet of snow on the northeast have dipped down a little further on its way and deposited some of that here? I guess I shouldn’t be complaining that we’re not having a particularly cold winter. Our gas and electric bills are double what they were last year already anyway.

A friend pointed me toward a new blog written by some local folks. It’s called Lunchtour. These people go to local hole-in-the-wall places for lunch and report to the world on their findings. They’re not specially qualified or anything, other than the fact that they too have taste buds and like to please them. Their favorite place so far has been Brough Commons at the U of A…something about paying $7 to eat continuously until you die. This idea was actually one that Husband and some friends had about a year and a half ago, but someone else actually started doing it. I wish they had jumped on it – it could’ve been them in the paper this past Sunday.

Husband has decided to go on Atkins for a few weeks. Ugh. I’m proud of him for wanting to lose weight. I just hate Atkins for my own personal, selfish reasons. If I try to eat what he’s eating, I just about starve to death. I can eat twice the portion he’s eating (not kidding) and still be starving in half an hour. So, I have to fix food for him, and then fix food for me. And I always feel guilty eating bread in front of him because I know how much he loves it. That didn’t stop me last night, though. I had to have something else to go with my chili!

At last, it’s time for the Olympics again. I have a few things to say about all of that – maybe later. It’s called a teaser, and yes, this is a blatant use of one. Pin It


  1. Oh my GOSH!!! You'll never guess what my husband told me - "Honey, I need to eat less carbs for a few weeks. I'll be fine with a grilled piece of chicken and a salad every night for dinner." REALLY?! Well, I won't. I HATE ATKINS!!! And I think it's freakishly crazy that you guys are thinking/doing the same things we are at the same times without us talking about it at all...... do, do, do, do.....

  2. Baked chicken and jello with aspartame just does not sound like a pleasant way to loose weight! Deputy guy has done good with his weight loss - though. I can't do the Atkins thing because of the starvation factor. I had to cut my portions in half...on everything...cut out a few things completely...and take up walking 3 x week...and I have lost 8 pounds! MAYBE I can live like this!

  3. Curly3:14 PM

    Well, I have gained quite a bit of experience with the "Atkins way of life" because Deputy guy has decided that it is the BEST DIET EVER. I have a book that has several recepies in it, and a "carb counter" I'll bring it to you!

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    You people are totally wierd. Why Atkins when you can SPECAIL K!!! Ok I'm not on the specail K diet but if I were goin on a diet that would be the one. Who would like to eat ceral 2 times a day eat their little snacks then eat whatever you want for dinner? Sounds like a winner to me!! of course I'm not on a diet for the time being so I guess I can't say much. Although grandmother is the biggest fan of Atkins. Boyfriends parents are on some kind of all natural eat what they ate in Bible times kick. They say its really helping them lose weight and sleep better and be more energized. Its called "The Makers Diet". Its supposed to be AWESOME. But since I dont care about dieting right now I will continue eating what ever satifies my taste buds. Or whatever is in the kitchen cabinets which happens to be little to nothing.