Saturday, February 18, 2006

Let It Snow!

*SNOW!* It finally snowed! And actually stuck!

I woke up to a "splendor of a winter's morn" today. And subsequently had to go clear a place for the dogs to go potty. I tried just shoving them out the door, but that didn't work. They huddled up next to the house and Argus attempted to pee on the door. So, I cleared a path off the deck and a spot where they could potty. I wasn't really enjoying the purpose behind the task, but I was loving just being out in the snow. I was probably out for about half an hour, and finally got Criket to venture out into the snow on her own. It didn't last long, though. My dogs are pansies.

My grand plans for today included 1) wearing clothes I would never be seen wearing in public (warm and slobby); 2) laying around; 3) watching TV; 4) taking a nap; and 5) doing laundry (only because I had to). I must say, I pretty much fulfilled my plans and am currently flipping back and forth between Jurassic Park and The Three Amigos. Random, I know. But I must stay with Jurassic Park until Newman (not Newman here, but always Newman to me) gets spit on and eaten by a dinosaur during his evil though poorly conceived plan to smuggle embryos off the island in a Barbasol can. Then I can switch over to The Three Amigos for the ever famous plethora of pinatas and, "Look up here!" Then I can go back over to see the lawyer get eaten off the toilet by the T-rex.

I really love the Jurassic Park series - probably a little too much. Although I must say that the books are much better. Yes, I've actually read them. In the book, Mr. Hammond actually breaks his ankle and gets eaten by the Compys, the tiniest dinosaur on the island. Wow, that was even more random.

I just watched the weather forecast, and there might actually be another front headed our way tomorrow. Perfect! More snow! That will be awesome. Oh, and the kiddies are already out of school on Monday for President's Day (I'm assuming so they can all go buy cars or furniture), so they're going to get a free day off anyway. I want a free day off. That's it. Getting a job at a school or some sort of government agency so I can have random days off and snow days. Nah, not really, but it's a nice thought. Pin It


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    One thing about being home schooled is we never had snow days. Another thing about attending the U of A there aren't any snow days there either. They asume that all of their students live on campus and can easily walk a mile in the freezing cold up hill both ways to their 100 classes of the day. Others of us however live a bit futher away and just getting down our drive way can be hazardous. I wouldn't mind the snow except I cant work and school wont be canceled. Oh and I drive a COROLLA so its not like I can go and have a good time in my ride.


  2. It really needs to quit snowing on the weekend and snow during the week.
    or at least it needs to stick around during the week.