Monday, January 30, 2006

It's An E-Universe, Baby!

We live in an electronic world. If you can't do it over the internet, there's really not much point. I even avoid making phone calls when a quick visit to a website will do. And if an email will replace a long phone conversation, I'm all for it.

In our office, we are very email dependent. Maybe too email dependent. We send emails for everything. Everything. Someone sitting 20 feet away from me will send me an email. Literally. I don't care. It means I have documentation for things I've been told, I know exactly what I need to do, and I can respond at a convenient time instead of having to answer the phone every 15 seconds.

Some, however, do not share my love for email and the internet. I heard a comment just the other day. It was from a new guy. New guys are always shocked at the high volume of emails around our office. He said, "Man, I get more emails in one day here than I got in a week at my old job." Well, get used to it. It's not going to get any better, and in fact, will probably get worse. And I love using email to keep up with friends. We're able to keep in contact without having to talk on the phone and take huge chunks of time out of our day to stay caught up.

Why must people get so bent out of shape about the internet? I know people who won't shop on the internet because they're afraid of their credit card number getting stolen. So, does that mean they shouldn't leave their house just in case they get kicked in the head by a donkey? Here's a shocker: I do almost all my banking on the internet! Gasp! And guess what? The only problem I've ever had with that was actually caused by the bank, not some greasy-foreheaded, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing hacker sitting in a cold, dark room with glowing monitors. Our checks get deposited, bills get paid, money gets transferred, and I can even check up on purchases that Husband forgot to give me a receipt for.

I shop on the internet a lot. Or should I say, I shop around on the internet a lot. I prefer to go to a store's website before I go to the store. So, I shop before I shop. That way, I know what I want when I go, and don't have to wander aimlessly around the store wondering what they have that I like. If there is no local store, I will, of course, order over the internet. And of course, there's eBay. I have a very specific bidding method for eBay and actually refuse to let Husband bid on items using my account. Just suffice it to say that my eBay methods involve too much comparison shopping and last-minute bidding. UPS and FedEx have figured out that we have dogs, so now they drop the package, ring the doorbell, and run. I'm sure it helps keep them in shape, and it's great for me.

If I could, I'd order my groceries over the internet and have them delivered to the house. Of course, the delivery guy would have to learn the same method that UPS and FedEx have so excellently perfected. Coming into our home with a plastic grocery sack in your hand is just asking for the dogs to lovingly attack you, wondering what lucious thing you have brought home to them. Because that actually happened once, four years ago, they are holding out hope that there will actually be something for them again. Memories like elephants, I'm telling you.

And of course, one of the newer phenomenons of the internet: blogging. That's right. Just one more way to annoy people and make them feel obligated to pay attention to their friends and family when they'd rather not. Enough said. Pin It


  1. Oh my gosh, do we have the same brain? Seriously!! Ditto! Ditto! and Ditto!!

  2. I love it when "old" people have e-mails and cell phones AND know how to use them. There are some folks in our church - that are older - and they use their emails to effectively participate in ministry in our church and keep up with their grandchildren.

    The grandparent that doesn't have email and/or IM can just forget about staying in touch with their E savvy grandchildren.

    Surely hope I continue to learn the NEW stuff...that will be the challenge of the ages for my E savvy children...keeping somewhere slightly behind the curve!