Friday, December 30, 2005

The Christmas Results Are In...

I told everyone I’d enlighten them as to my shopping and gift-giving experiences for Husband after the presents were unwrapped. So here it is.

We had new rules this year. Not only did we have a budget, but we had an item limit as well. No spending $3 on a bunch of things; one – two items, not to exceed our budgeted amount. So that sort of put a kink in my plans, but I managed.

For Husband’s gaming pleasure, I purchased a Nostromo n52. Yes, he had the n50, but the n52 is so much better. You must upgrade, you know. I think he sort of expected that he might get it, so he wasn’t overly surprised. But he was pleased.

For Husband’s viewing pleasure, I got Episodes 3-6 of the Star Wars Series. (We already had Episodes 1 & 2.) So yes, that would make this gift two items because Episode III came by itself and Episodes 4-6 were a set. However, technically I was giving the gift as a set, so I think it qualified for one item. I don’t think he was expecting those DVDs, so I think I caught him off guard. Yessss! And the next day, we watched Episode III – had to break one of them out, you know.

The best part was that I was able to go to one store and get everything I needed for him, and I knew he would like the gifts. I even had about 83 cents left in the budgeted amount.

I know you’re all wondering what he got me, since he is the master gift-giver. So here it is…

Again, he exceeded my expectations and purchased something for me that I didn’t even know I wanted. He ordered it off the internet, of course. It actually was delivered to the house the week before Christmas in a mysterious plastic envelope type thing. The UPS guy propped it by the door it, rang the doorbell and ran. Seriously, we’re not that bad, are we? Anyway, I went to the door while Husband corralled the dogs. Since it was addressed to him and we’d had the gift discussion the day before, I guessed that it might be a present. So, I just took it to him – no poking, prodding, shaking, or anything. I’m not a cheater, like some people. He immediately wrapped it and asked me about four times that evening if I had figured out what it was. Since I hadn’t even tried, it wasn’t hard to say, “Nope!”

So, of course that was the first gift I opened. It was perfect. A black and white zip-up hoodie with Charlie Brown & Snoopy on the front left shoulder. I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy. And I’m always cold – always wearing a hoodie or something around the house. Had I seen it before, I definitely would’ve wanted it. So yet again, he finds something that’s perfect for me that I didn’t even know I wanted.

His second gift to me was DVDs. He knows how much I am into Disney films right now, so he got me the entire Herbie set, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Million Dollar Duck. All Disney classics and quality entertainment. And I thought I was cheating by getting an extra DVD in the same series.

He always cheats. He went over budget a little too. But how am I supposed to be upset about that? He knows I’m always going to follow the rules, so he’s taking his gift-reciprocation life into his own hands. But if it’s a risk he’s willing to take, then I guess its ok.

The point is, we enjoyed shopping for and giving our gifts. And we really enjoyed the time we had together over the Christmas holiday. We were greatly spoiled by the time off, and I’m really looking forward to the long weekend ahead.

Happy New Year, everybody! Pin It

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  1. Some things in life are worth cheating for and your man has figured that out!! Gratz