Monday, November 14, 2005

Trump's Cards

Trump’s always been one to call a spade a spade. She’s never minced words about anything. Ever. Wonder where she got that? She’s never been afraid to show her true feelings. In fact, she was the first kid in the family to really and truly throw fits. No no, not whiny little “I want some bubblegum” fits. We’re talking red-faced, screaming-at-the-top-of-the-lungs fits. Curly and I actually got a kick out of those…that was one thing we enjoyed together. Trump had this way of individually screaming each and every single word…it was performance art, really. If you were to describe her as “strong-willed,” that would be quite an understatement. She had an evil little laugh that went with that will of hers…still does.

Trump was a thumb-sucker. She carried around a cloth diaper when she went into thumb-sucking-mode. That wasn’t the strange part. That comes when I tell you that she insisted on having the corner of it wet. Yes, wet. As in, go-run-it-under-the-faucet wet. Just the corner, not the whole thing. She’d hang onto this cloth diaper and rub the wet corner on her face. I don’t think we ever figured out why that was so appealing. I think she’s finally broken that habit, though. It’s about time.

Trump ran around barefoot a lot and would get splinters in her feet. That wasn’t a big deal…that came when it was time to get the splinters out of her feet. She’d throw a fit. You read the above paragraph, right? So you can imagine Mom trying to hold her down while Dad carefully tried to extract numerous splinters from her flailing little feet. Well, Dad finally figured out if he’d just let Trump go to sleep, the whole procedure was much easier. So he’d come in at night after she’d gone to sleep and remove each and every offending splinter without her ever knowing. Well, I guess she knows by now….

I don’t remember many (evil) things that occurred between Trump and me (I’m sure she will correct me here). And the ones that did, Curly was usually involved somehow. On the days Curly and I decided to like each other, we’d lock Trump out of the upstairs bedroom and we’d play with Legos or Barbies. We’d also “accidentally” use too much Pledge on the wood stairs and make them a bit slick so we could “ride” down on blankets, pillows, and whatever else we could find. And I’m sure that Trump got an extra helping hand on a few of her take-offs from the top of the stairs. That turn in the middle was a doosie if you were going too fast.

We just did the normal stuff to her – you know, the stuff that all older siblings do to the younger ones. We’d help her climb up into a tree, then leave; leave her behind when we were riding bicycles, after wondering aloud if it was too dark to see snakes out on the road; and I made sure they were both on the opposing team when it came time for “pine cone wars.”

That’s what siblings do – torture each other, in preparation for the real, grown-up world. If we didn’t have such a hard time growing up, we wouldn’t be able to survive the real world.

Trump is now in college and gets to spend a lot of time doing what she loves - riding, training, and hanging out around horses and teaching other people to ride. She's found what the rest of us long for: a job that she loves. She currently has a boyfriend, although I have been too much of a slacker to come up with a name for him yet. And no, I don't want any suggestions, thank you very much. We all know how the last thing turned out. Pin It


  1. Gosh Trump sounds like a sister of mine...
    You'll never guess what her name is....


  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I can't tell you how happy I am that you decided to go with Trump for her name!


  3. If the shoe fits...and thank you, oh mighty Tyrant, for the suggestion.

  4. Where did you have that picture stashed? I can't believe there is a hairbow in her hair! Maybe that's why she is screaming! It looks like she is actually on the infamous stairs of sliding doom.

    She might be screaming because someone is trying to take her toys away. That is not a very smart thing to do...even now. She gets pretty testy if you mess with her stuff.

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I have to admitt that is a really really funny picture and dont recal ever seeing it before. It seems there is some sort of antagonizer (notice blonde locks, bottom right) that I'm sure has either put the hairbow in my hair or is trying to take away my toy, both of which I will have neither!!

    As for the splinter thing what kid would like some crazed parent digging around in your foot with sewing needle. Yes I would run down the gravel roads and full speed, usually trying to catch up, but dont like needles in my feet. Im not so bad now.

    I'll have all loyal readers know that I am not near as picky about people using my stuff as curly. She never let me play with her Grand Champion horses. Of course I played with them when she wasnt home. All part of being a sister!!


  6. Wow. You never told me the stair sliding story... I've heard the rest but not the stairs. Kristin keeps calling me Troll. What tie's do I have to do with a troll other than the hair in the morning?

  7. That pic was one of my very own, taken with an old, cheesy 110 camera. And if I remember correctly, the kid in the pic with her WAS trying to take her toy...he belonged to a family we had a lot of similarities with - the number of kids, to name one.

    And yes, she is sitting on the infamous stairs.

    I did receive an unsolicited suggestion for Trump's boyfriend's name today...a pretty good one, I might add. I will have to pull it out at the appropriate time.