Friday, November 18, 2005

HLB's Hang-ups

Continuing in the good-natured vein of dishing dirt on my sibs, we proceed with HLB.

HLB (Hot Little Brother) is probably one of the most “normal” ones of the bunch. If you know our family, you totally understand that without any further explanation.

He and I are the only two kids in the fam with dark hair; everyone else is blonde or semi-blonde. HLB and I were buds when he was little – I was about 10 when he came along – just old enough to think he was cool and not quite old enough to find him annoying. Plus, he was the first brother – I’d gotten pretty tired of sisters and was ready for a change. Dad started him out early, as you can see, at the ripe old age of three he was already target practicing with a compound bow.

HLB had a few hang-ups when he was little, though. He too was a thumb-sucker. It must be genetics, because I think we all did it. Anyway, he had a thing for tags – you know, the type that are sewn to stuffed animals, t-shirts, etc. Specifically, the tag sewn to the underneath side of a Pound Puppy (remember those?). We had a few of them around the house, and the Pound Puppy of choice was a small, gray one that had belonged to either Curly or me. He would take the Puppy and rub the tag on his cheek or twirl his finger in the loop. The only problem with this was the tag’s location. It was at the dog’s back end. So as HLB is hanging out, sucking away on his thumb, rubbing the tag on his cheek, it appears as though he’s just rubbing a stuffed dog’s butt on his face. Yeah, we teased him about that. A lot.

He was also the king of “watch one video over and over again until everyone in the family wants to smash the VCR with a sledgehammer.” There were two videos in particular that he got stuck on at different times. The first one was The Brave Little Toaster , which I have mentioned previously. The second video he got stuck on, especially when he was sick for a couple of weeks once. It was… Pin It


  1. Well, just so you are made aware...the bow in the picture is a recurve. Now, if you want a picture of a compound bow, just come to the house most any day and HLB will be happy to show you his most prized possession.

    He's a pretty good shot with that fancy bow, too.

    I think you might have trouble throwing HLB off the trampoline now. It's a good thing you were smart enough to get your licks in while you could.

  2. Well, please excuse hunting terms are a little rusty.

    And yes, last time I picked on HLB, he scooped me up and started banging my head into the only course of action was to lay a big wet kiss on his cheek. Which he didn't appreciate and dropped me pretty quickly. He may be bigger and stronger, but I'm still meaner. :)

  3. Curly3:21 PM

    I also remember HLB having a long obsession with an insanely boring movie about a little boy who had a black lamb entitled "So Dear to My Heart" and one about a blue penguin entitled "Scamper the Penguin"