Monday, October 17, 2005

What's In A Name?

Shakespeare said it: “a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” But would it? If it was called “skunk flower” would it really smell as good? And if thorns were called “marshmallows” instead, would we hate them as much? I know, others have pondered this question in the past, all for naught. But the reason I am pondering a name is a little different this time.

I’m still on the quest to find a suitable nickname for Sister #2. Since I didn’t receive many comments on my last post, I resorted to actually asking people what they thought. I was given no shortage of suggestions. Strange, how people can’t post a comment, but they’ll take all day to tell you what you should call your sister when they’re trying to avoid work. Ha! Just kidding.

Here are a few suggestions I have come up with/received and my thoughts on them:

Falabella - This is the breed name of a very small horse. While it’s interesting, it can’t easily be shortened, and is a little strange to call someone. And not many people would know what it refers to.

Hackney - Also a horse breed name. Could be shortened to “Hack.” Not my favorite of choices, but interesting.

Shire - Again, a horse breed name, but this time a huge horse, and taken from the “Hobbit” reference. I am trying to get away from all things Hobbit.

Cera - The little triceratops from The Land Before Time, the original one, not the 14 sequels. I think we watched that move thousands of times when we were growing up, and #2 particularly liked it. She did a great impression of Cera’s line about hiding from the T-Rex…”one big ugly eye, looking for ME!” While cute, descriptive, and holds lots of memories, I don’t think it lives up to the “awesomeness” level #2 is looking for.

Tinkerbell - Don’t throw things at me…this one was suggested by Curly. As I recall, #2 did have a slight obsession with Tinkerbell from the movie Hook. She wasn’t the prissy little fairy we all remember from the cartoon version. This Tink was a sassy little kick-butt sort of fairy. She was cool. It was Julia Roberts, for crying out loud.

MoneyPenny - She was the secretary in all of the James Bond movies. She was perpetually in love with 007, but never really got to do anything about it. Of course, that has no connection to #2 whatsoever. I just think the name might be indicative of her persuasion to be um, frugal. Or as we like to say, a tightwad…cheap…you get the picture. #2 probably has more in her mattress (or whatever hiding place she uses) than I do in my savings and retirement accounts combined. Another reason I need to stay on her good side with Christmas coming up.

Last of all, and I must say, my favorite:

Horse With No Name - You know, the song by America. “..I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain…” It could be abbreviated to “HWNN” and is definitely unique. It could also describe the extreme difficulty I’ve had in coming up with a name worthy of #2’s coolness and awesomeness. On the downside, this name could also imply an affiliation to the band America, and their obvious issues with, um, the…imagination…that it took to write this song; even though the band claims it has nothing to do with…imagination. The whole thing has a shroud of mystery…sort of like #2.

So people, tell me what you think. And if you don’t like these, then by all means, get those fingers going and suggest something! Pin It


  1. I don't know...I'm not too taken away with any of these names. She probably needs the name of a famous horse, or it needs to sound like a fancy registered their registered names...Bold at the Gate (I just completely made that up - but you know what I am talking about.) Maybe Curly can look in the AQHA magazine she is hording - there are LOTS of fancy registered horse names in there!

  2. Names of famous horses: Pixie, Brown Betty(Paul Revere's horse), Stardust (Bat Masterson's horse), Black-eyed Nellie, Buttermilk.

    Names of Indian Guides:
    Short Change, Many Horses, Snarling Wolf, Stalking Bobcat, Little Horse, Sitting in the Saddle.

    Names of Indian Princesses:
    Beautiful Horse, Dancing Pony, Little Mischief, Prancing Pony, Wild Horse, Wind Dancer,

    Cool site - that's where I found these cool lists!