Friday, October 14, 2005

And I Shall Call Him...Mini Me...

Ok, so not exactly. But I do need help with a name.

Apparently, one of my illustrious younger sisters feels slighted because she has no special nickname. Her comment is below, spelling errors included:

"ok, reading through your "happenings" I have come to the conclusion that you don't have a name for me. Curly and so called "Hot little brother" are completely inferior to me and I should have a cool name. Ok, Curly is not a cool name but I need a cool name. My very existance depends on it. Not really, but it sounds pretty dramatic don't you think? Well I will leave it to your creative mind to come up with some total awesomness name for me. Of course if I dont like it I will completley deny any affiliations with you. So come up with that name!!! Oh and be original, Hobbit and the like are getting old."

Some of you know my sister (we'll call her "#2" for now, although she doesn't have an eye patch) quite well, and know how sassy she can be. The above comment is a mild tongue-lashing compared to what I will receive if I don't come up with a great name for her. Plus, she drew my name for Christmas and I want to stay on her good side.

Everyone knows from whence the Hobbit reference came (if you don't, please hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer) because #2 is, um, a little on the short side. She's also a bit stubborn and opinionated. Shocking, I know, that someone else in our family is stubborn and opinionated.

#2 is also very talented. She can do things on a horse I could only dream about. She rides for fun and she rides for work. She's actually getting paid to ride someone else's horses. I've never had a job where I got paid to do my favorite thing in the whole world...I must say, I'm a little jealous.

So, I need help coming up with a name for #2. And don't suggest that I continue to use "#2" because I know that wouldn't be acceptable. She deserves something a bit more sassy and much more cool. So comment and leave your suggestions. I'll let you know soon what I decide. Pin It


  1. ummm what about ummmm......yeah, i got nothin... sorry i know!!! "Knee High" or maybe "waist high"

  2. The other day she was wondering outloud what she should get you for you are wise to keep that upcoming event in close consideration. Now, as for a name...we had the hardest time coming up with her for-real name. If you will remember, her 2 grandmothers were going to give her a combination of their first names. That would not have been good!

  3. Oh, COME ON, people! Give me some help here!