Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An Old, um, I mean Ode to 50

Today is my Dad's 50th Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Dad has come a long way in his fashion sense since I was young (We all have). This is a photo of our vacation in 1985 - I was six, Curly was around one. Of course, she's not so curly in this shot.

I don't remember much about this vacation, but I do remember that t-shirt I was wearing. And I remember Dad's hat. He always wore a hat, and still does most of the time. I think he wore that Riceland hat until it came apart at the seams - it's not like there weren't 73 other hats around that he could've worn.

Nice legs, Dad.

In honor of Dad's 50th Birthday, I've written a little poem. So here goes. Ahem! *taps microphone*

You’ve heard people say that fifty is nifty
Is that because not much rhymes with fifty?

Are you just old enough, but not too old
To enjoy the state of your year of gold?

According to Webster, nifty is “very attractive”
But who really cares, as long as you stay active?

Attractive is relative, age is not
You might realize this when you try to get up off the pot.

You’ve now wandered ten years longer than the Israelites did…
Is that a smart-alec comment coming from your kid?

The moral of the story, as far as it goes
Is that you’re no spring chicken, maybe not quite “on your toes”

But you should know to have fun in your old age
You know, retro is all the rage.

*Applause and laughter* Thank you, Thank you. I must say that I just realized last night that I have been alive more than half of my Dad's life. Wow.

Here's Dad, staying active in his "old age." I expect that he won't actually retire, he'll start a third/fourth/ fifth career as a cowboy. He's been herding kids for a while - cows can't be that different. And he's probably the only cowboy in the known universe that will spend his spare time watching Star Trek movies.

So Dad, have a happy birthday, and remember we all love you! Pin It


  1. Ahmm...He does have nice legs!
    Cute poem... I don't think your dad is nearly as old as his father was at 50. Some of that could be that I don't think I'm all that old either! Your perspective sure changes your opinion about things. He might take on the cowboy - herding cows line of work, but what am I gonna do? I don't imagine myself running a saloon, and I'm not a good enough bean cook to run the chuck wagon...I know, I'll be Annie Oakley. Ride and shoot!

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Good to see that the line of "real men" in America hasn't died out yet.

    Happy birthday to your dad!


  3. I was a Jr. in High School when that first pictire was taken!! Now I am feeling old!

  4. My parent's where not even married in when that picture was taken.....


  5. Curly2:39 PM

    Thankfully longer shorts came into style for guys and those socks went out!
    Although, I was talking to my husband last night about those socks... He remembers when they were in style, and he was wearing them proudly!

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Socks, Ya we had some, Glad I aint old enough to remember them. I want to know where you got the photo of him on the horse? No credit is given on either picture.


  7. I'm pretty sure Mom was the photographer of both pictures.

  8. Well, NineranchMom definitely took the Branson shot. I think the horse picture is compliments of NWA Uncle.

  9. Anonymous10:45 PM

    ok, reading through your "happenings" I have come to the conclusion that you dont have a name for me. Curly and so called "Hot little brother" are completely inferior to me and I should have a cool name. Ok, Curly is not a cool name but I need a cool name. My very existance depends on it. Not really, but it sounds pretty dramatic don't you think? Well I will leave it to your creative mind to come up with some total awesomness name for me. Of course if I dont like it I will completley deny any affiliations with you. So come up with that name!!! Oh and be original, Hobbit and the like are getting old.

  10. man...dad is gettin old!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! Love you!!

  11. Oops, sorry NWAUncle - Mom didn't tell me you took that shot!

    Hobbit, I've never had any dramatic experiences to relate that involve you, so I haven't had to come up with a name for you. Of course it will have to be the coolest name ever. I'm open to suggestions.